Shutdown Day 15 Recap

After progress on Monday between Senate Democrats and Republicans in crafting a deal to end the shutdown and raising the debt ceiling, Senate leadership paused negotiations following an announcement from House Republicans that they would put forth their own plan.

The initial House plan unveiled on Tuesday included a continuing resolution through January 15, 2014 and a debt ceiling increase through February 7, 2014. The House legislation also included a two year delay of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) medical device tax, income verification for ACA subsidies, and cancellation of ACA subsidies for Members of Congress and the President’s Cabinet. After negotiations, the medical device tax was removed and the continuing resolution would run only through December 15th. The House was scheduled to vote on this proposal Tuesday night, but the vote was cancelled.

After the House plan failed to go anywhere, Reid and McConnell restarted Senate negotiations. It was reported last night that a Senate deal was practically done and that the major sticking point remaining was crafting the budget conference provision so that it cannot be subject to a point of order.

All the back and forth and attempted proposals have cut the timeline for a deal before the projected deadline for hitting the debt ceiling very short.

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